Friday, 29 November 2019

Friday, 8 November 2019

Term 4- Week 4

Hey Whanau,

This week we had an awesome experience at our local Marae.

The children learnt about the history of Manurewa.  What to expect in a powiri! Small and long Rakau sticks, Haka, getting their tamokos, and ki orhi.

Term 4- week 3

Hey whanau,

This week was the start of the summer swim. 

Please remember that we swim on Tuesday and Fridays.  It would be nice to see all the children learning and being comfortable in the water.  As it is a nice summer activity on the beach.

Also this week the participated in their maths inquiry lesson

During Qaids STEAM project he gathered 489 pieces of small wood. He didnt realise that he need more than this. He actually needed 1,324 pieces of small wood. This way he can build his windmill with strong support beans. So how many more small wood does Qaid need to make his windmill nice and strong


Term 4- Week 2

Hello to what was an exciting week.

The past 2 weeks in the last blocks the children have had electives.

They had a choice of five electives:

1. Music- Twinkle Twinkle little star, then free choice

2. Cooking- Omelette and  Pancakes, learning about safety around the kitchen and hygiene

3. Science- How to make crystals 

4. Art- Sculturing with clay, plus hot and cold colour

5. Gaming, creating a game on a program called scatch

Take a look at our learning. 

Tuesday, 22 October 2019

Term 4-Week one

Welcome back to week 1.  I hope the holidays went well for you and your family.

Straight into term 4.  Straight back to learning and celebration

First the Niue and Dewali festival

Children starting their electives.  We are currently learning music, art, cooking, gaming and science.

Buddy class.  We have been with Aroha 1 since the beginning and it is great to see them grow.  

Our first dance class